Welcome to Green Organics Garlic Farm

Our garlic is grown in the cold climate of Michigan which delivers a robust taste to our gourmet garlic. We offer gourmet cooking and planting stock for your garden. We offer many varieties including hardnecks and softnecks and from mild to spicy.

We take great pride in growing our garlic to bring our customers the best organic garlic available. Green Organics Farm has always used natural sustainability practices using methods and materials that minimize negative impact on the environment.

Our garlic is produced on land that has been free of known and perceived toxic and persistent chemical pesticides and fertilizers for at least three years prior to certification, and synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are not used in production. Cover crops such as clover are planted to add nutrients to the soil and prevent weeds.

  • We offer gourmet food garlic to our customers
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  • See the Growing Garlic section for tips about planting garlic (see more below)

Our garlic has been featured on local cooking shows and also on the Travel Channels Bizarre foods with Andrew Zimmern video 1 and Video 2.

We only plant our premium garlic stock, mulch and weed all by hand. In the spring within a two week period we pick all scapes. Our garlic harvest is performed in July and the garlic is hung to cure. The bulbs are cleaned and sorted to ensure that only the best organic garlic seed is sent to our customers. All our garlic is grown with care and shipped to our customers.

All garlic is grown at Green Organics Farm in Metamora Michigan. Our garlic products are produced in a certified kitchen inspected by the Michigan Department of Agriculture. Our garlic seed stock is organic and grown in the United States. We have a commitment to our customers and we will never plant any seed grown outside the U.S.